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Oil is expensive and loved – the exact opposite of what we look for in a good long investment...
DailyWealth | March 11, 2017
More than seven in 10 Americans who watched President Trump's speech on Tuesday night came away with a positive reaction, according to a CNN poll...
DailyWealth | March 4, 2017
You may not have noticed, but European stocks – as represented by the STOXX Europe 600 Index – broke out to a new 52-week high earlier this month.
DailyWealth | February 25, 2017
Berkshire reported it had increased its positions in the four biggest names in one surprising industry by nearly seven times...
DailyWealth | February 18, 2017
Inflation is now rising faster than expected for the first time in five years...
DailyWealth | February 4, 2017
After several weeks of unsuccessful attempts, the Dow Jones Industrial Average finally broke 20,000...
DailyWealth | January 28, 2017
It was a wild year in the markets, but if you followed our advice closely, you should've done pretty well... How did you do last year?
DailyWealth | January 21, 2017
It's one of the few constants in the financial markets... Popular investment ideas are usually losers.
DailyWealth | January 14, 2017
The new year is here. For the markets, 2017 promises to be interesting...
DailyWealth | January 7, 2017