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Unfortunately, when it comes to investing, most people seem to want to "do more and make less." That, at least, is what the evidence suggests...
DailyWealth | October 4, 2017
The bull market in U.S. stocks is eight years old. It has been the gift that keeps on giving for "buy and hold" investors. But we aren't naïve. Eventually – whether it's next week, next month, or next year – a hurricane will hit the stock market.
DailyWealth | August 2, 2017
I never dreamed that a classic investing disaster could have been instrumental in getting a president elected. It's an astonishing tale. And we can learn from it today...
DailyWealth | May 24, 2017
Today, individual investors can access more information than ever, more quickly than ever. Yet they continue to dramatically underperform the markets...
DailyWealth | May 23, 2017
A new chart unexpectedly grabbed my attention recently... one that could have huge implications for the future of the U.S. stock market.
DailyWealth | February 3, 2017
Investing isn't a one-size-fits-all process. Everyone does it for different reasons.
DailyWealth | December 16, 2016
Entering a stop loss with your broker is one of the most dangerous things you can do as an investor.
DailyWealth | November 23, 2016
"How much unclaimed money do you have in the stock market?"
DailyWealth | October 14, 2016
In nearly 20 years of firsthand market experience, I've learned there is one thing that threatens our investment success more than anything...
DailyWealth | September 23, 2016
In such a toxic environment of mistrust, it doesn't take much for things to quickly spiral out of control. The same is true for financial markets...
DailyWealth | April 15, 2016
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