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Every person on Earth over the past decade, regardless of where they live, would have made hundreds of percent in terms of their own currency had they just owned gold.

DailyWealth | December 24, 2009
The ardor of the past few weeks about gold has to be cooled down a bit before the next phase can begin. To me, gold started to sprint during the last three months. And no sprinter can go on forever. He has to rest, to exhale. After that, he can continue his run.
DailyWealth | December 17, 2009
DailyWealth | November 7, 2009
To me, the future is unclear right now. We stand on a kind of knife edge. On one side lies deflation, and on the other inflation.
DailyWealth | October 8, 2009
When I mentioned gold back in 2001 and 2002, when I accumulated it, I got looks from people as if I were crazy.
DailyWealth | September 24, 2009
In my experience, I believe that it is the hardest thing in the world for any investor to first identify a bull market in an asset, take a position in it, and then hold on until near the end of that bull market.

DailyWealth | August 10, 2009