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There's no way to know what people will pay for gold in a big crisis. This is precisely the reason it is a candidate for mania phase.
DailyWealth | May 8, 2010
A global debasement of currencies will eventually push gold and silver higher… which will overwhelm any short-term considerations. And $12 silver is a cheap way to hedge the rest of your portfolio against currency crisis.

DailyWealth | February 11, 2010
Gold is enjoying a lot of mainstream press these days. Six years ago, when I would tell someone I was placing a significant portion of my net worth in gold, they'd look at me like I was crazy. Now, they nod and say, "I heard something about gold the other day on TV."
DailyWealth | November 12, 2009
DailyWealth | December 20, 2008
DailyWealth | August 22, 2006
DailyWealth | June 7, 2006