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Your Biggest Question, Answered

By Dr. Steve Sjuggerud
Tuesday, September 27, 2016

I spoke with hundreds of subscribers at our Stansberry Conference in Las Vegas last week...
The most common question was some variation of: "When does it all end?"
Here are just a few examples of what I heard...
"When will the bad times arrive? When will the %^&* hit the fan? When will the world realize America's trillions of dollars of debt can't be repaid? When will the U.S. finally fail to pay its promises in entitlement spending? When... when... when???"
Rick Rule – president and CEO of Sprott U.S. Holdings – gave the best answer during his presentation...
"I've always confused two words in the English language," Rick said.
Those two words are INEVITABLE and IMMINENT.
All of the pressing questions I heard at the conference were inevitable... But none, in my opinion, were imminent. Think about that.
If you realize the difference between those two words, and if you have the courage to act, then you can make money in the next few years.
If you are frozen by fear – confusing the imminent with the inevitable – then I can't help you.
"Steve Sjuggerud taught me two things," Rick said in his speech. "The first is, DON'T BE AFRAID TO BE RIGHT... Be right, sit tight, and raise your trailing stops, Steve told me. Wonderful advice."
Thanks for the kudos, Rick... I couldn't have said it better myself.
Well, maybe my grandmother said it simpler... "Don't go looking for trouble," she used to say.
Look, I understand the fears. I understand the worrying.
You might think that you're just being early... that you're being safe, ahead of the crowd. But think about this...
As Rick said, "If you're four years early, you're not early. You're wrong."
Rick's advice is the same as what I often tell DailyWealth readers: Wait for the uptrend to buy, and raise your trailing stops to get out.
I strongly believe that I will capture all of the upside that's left in this market by sticking with the uptrend.
Importantly, I will also be OUT of the market at the right time – before anyone even realizes the worst is arriving – by following my trailing stops.
As I mentioned, the question I heard most at the conference was, "WHEN???"
The answer lies in understanding the difference between inevitable and imminent. Understand it and follow it.
If you fail to appreciate the difference, you will be frozen with fear, and you won't make much money.
It's your call...
Good investing,

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Regular readers know that one of our favorite ways to profit off any trend is through "picks and shovels." These are the companies that provide the tools, products, and services vital to the success of long-term trends. You can see this concept at work with Netgear (NTGR). This "Internet plumber" manufactures many of the devices that keep you connected, such as routers, modems, and switches. As the number of Internet-connected devices grows, Netgear's business will grow, too.
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