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You Didn't Believe Me, but It's Here – NOW

By Dr. Steve Sjuggerud
Tuesday, November 29, 2016

"Did you see what Steve wrote last week about how no one will use cash or carry a wallet five years from now?" my Mom's friend said to her over Thanksgiving. "That will NEVER happen!"
Oh, really?
Well, how about this piece of news...
On Black Friday, shoppers spent $3.3 billion online... and $1.2 billion of those purchases were made through their mobile phones.
That's unbelievable... when you consider that just a couple years ago basically nobody in America was buying anything with their phones.
When you buy something on your phone, you are not using cash and you don't need a wallet.
Last week, in an essay called "Profiting From What Will Replace Cash and Credit Cards," I wrote...
In less than five years, your kids won't carry wallets. They won't carry cash... In place of all of this, they will carry just one thing: their mobile phones.
It won't just be your kids, by the way... In less than five years, you will use your phone to pay for almost everything.
It will be the greatest transformation of how people pay for stuff since... well, since people started paying for stuff.

Here's another shocking piece of Black Friday shopping news: 55% of visits to websites were from mobile devices.
And one more for you: Shopper traffic at traditional "brick and mortar" stores was actually DOWN for this Black Friday compared with last year... This tells us that the trend is toward people sitting on their couches while getting a Black Friday deal as opposed to going out and fighting the crowds.
And this is just the latest piece of news to support my point.
The story is so important that I wrote the November issue of my True Wealth newsletter about it. But if you're like most people, you're probably not on board... yet.
You might think paying with your phone can't possibly be safe. You might think it sounds complicated, or inconvenient.
In my True Wealth issue, I wrote...
Paying with your phone is safer because you avoid the current problem of revealing your name or credit-card number to whomever you are paying.
The secret is called "tokenization." When you pay with your phone, a one-time-use number – a "token" – is all that's created. Your name and credit card number are never seen, and therefore, they can't be stolen.
Every time you swipe your credit card, or type it in online, you risk getting hacked... You give up your name and your credit-card number.
You're telling me that you prefer having a much higher chance of getting your credit card hacked? And that you prefer the inconvenience of fumbling around in your pockets and your wallet with cash and change at the counter when you don't have to?

With "tokenization," using your phone is much safer than pulling out your credit card. And it's more convenient, too. As I described in that issue, I've even tried it myself...
There's no digging in your purse, no fumbling for cash and credit cards, no card swiping, no signing, and no fumbling to put everything away. Instead... nothing happens. You hold your phone... and then... you're done.

Shopping on your phone is just the first step toward eliminating using cash and credit cards in the traditional way.
What comes next? And how can you profit?
I really want you to see this whole story. So I have "unlocked" the main part of this month's True Wealth issue for you.
You can see my full story of what will replace cash and credit cards – and how to profit from it – by clicking right here.
Good investing,

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