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How to Safely Earn 50% a Year in the Market

By Porter Stansberry
Saturday, February 11, 2017

 Today, I will show you how to take our very best investment ideas and make them 10 times better...
That's right. Using this simple strategy, I believe every individual investor managing less than $10 million can earn 50% a year in safe stocks. Returns at this level can transform your retirement... or even build generational wealth.
But this doesn't mean you have to buy risky stocks. And I'm not talking about anything expensive, difficult, or complex. I'm just talking about taking our best, safest ideas... and making one tiny adjustment.
It's something anyone can do. And it's easy.
 Can you really make 50% a year?
Yes. In fact, it's almost certain that you will. I'm not talking about generating a little extra income. I'm talking about a way to turn our best ideas into absolute home runs. I'm talking about the best way to make a fortune in the stock market.
Let's be very clear... I'm not talking about options. Or junk bonds. Or anything risky. I'm talking about making plain-vanilla investments into regular stocks.
These are the same kind of stocks that we normally recommend in our newsletters, in the same types of businesses. In fact, as I'll show you, the best way to do these trades is to buy exactly the kind of stocks we've been recommending for years and years.
But... you just make one simple change. We've dubbed this the "10x Project." You're still in our best and safest ideas... but with one minor twist. And the results will shock you. They're enormous, up to 10 times larger.
What you're going to read below will be hard to believe. And I don't blame you for doubting that any of this could be true. I don't blame you for being skeptical – you should be. It's hard to even conceive of gains this big.
But keep reading. As you'll discover, there's a very simple explanation for why the returns can be – almost have to be – so much bigger.
 In fact, this approach is so certain that even investing legend Warren Buffett has personally endorsed it...
Here's what Buffett has famously said about this kind of investing:
It's a huge structural advantage... I think I could make 50% a year... No, I know I could. I guarantee that... It would even be easier to make that much money in today's environment because information is easier to access.

 Of course, you can always count on me to fully explain everything...
I'm going to give you the entire secret, for free. Once you've read this, I'm going to urge you to try it for yourself. I know... if you do... you'll never invest the same way again.
Let's start with a real-life example...
Back in December 2012, we recommended shares of fast-food giant McDonald's (MCD) in my Investment Advisory.
McDonald's is an incredibly capital-efficient business (most of its restaurants are franchised, so it mainly just collects royalties). It has a strong track record of increasing dividends, a dominant, global position in fast food, and, at the time, it was cheap.
We expected the investment would earn us between 10% and 15% a year. And since we recommended buying at less than $90 per share, that's basically what has happened.
Investors following our recommendation have collected more than $13 per share in dividends, and seen total returns of 55% in a little more than four years, for annualized returns of about 13% so far.
This investment was so safe and sound, I even urged the crew of my boat to buy McDonald's. As I explained to them...
Look, the guy who owns the boat next to us in the marina... He's a major hedge-fund manager. He's going to use leverage to juice his returns, but I'm willing to bet you that on an unleveraged basis, he can't beat the return from simply owning McDonald's over the next 10 years.
When you find a stock this good, trading at a price this low, you buy it. You're virtually guaranteed to end up with world-class investment returns.

 I'm proud of our work recognizing the value in McDonald's and companies like it...
And I'm proud of the returns we've helped our subscribers achieve. But I also know it's possible to earn much bigger returns – in exactly the same kind of businesses. And yes, I mean MUCH BIGGER returns.
Like 50%-a-year returns. "10x Project" returns.
How? Well, like I said, it's not hard. It's so simple, in fact, that I bet a lot of subscribers will ignore this advice because it just seems too easy.
What's the key to the strategy?
The secret is to find the same type of capital-efficient business – the more similar, the better – with the ability to grow its sales and revenues by 10 times in the short term.
 Last fall, I described this project in detail at our Alliance Conference in Las Vegas...
I gave all the numbers behind our research. As an example, I talked about one stock in particular. It's the "10x Project" version of McDonald's. It's in the fast-food business. It has lots of locations. And it's a safe and stable business.
But unlike McDonald's – which is already the world's largest restaurant business, with $25 billion in revenue – this business can still grow its revenues easily.
In fact, its revenues are still less than $1 billion. That means this company can grow its revenues by 10 times and it still won't be even half as big as McDonald's.
 That's the "10x Project" in a nutshell...
All we're doing is taking the same proven business models – and in some cases, the very same brands – and investing in the much smaller and faster-growing versions of these businesses. Can you think of another, better way to make great investments? I can't.
These companies all have a simple, proven, and measurable mathematical advantage...
They have much smaller capital bases. As a result, they're able to grow at much faster rates. McDonald's revenues aren't growing right now. To earn more per share, it has to cut costs and buy back stock. That's a slow but steady way to grow.
The "10x Project" version of McDonald's, meanwhile, is still growing fast. Its sales are up by almost 50% in just the last three years alone. Its smaller size makes it far easier to grow. And that's a huge advantage for investors.
For example, since November 2008 – the peak of the financial crisis, where many stocks found their bear market lows – McDonald's has returned a healthy profit for investors. It's up more than 170%, good for annualized returns of 13%.
But the "10x Project" opportunity, in virtually the same business, is up more than 2,700%. That's 51% a year, annualized.
 Those are the kinds of profits that can make you seriously rich...
Instead of making, say, 10% or 15% a year with good, safe investments... you can make up to 50% a year or more. And again, I'm not suggesting you abandon the "good" and "safe." They're built right into this investment, along with the massive upside.
Again, I want to stress that you don't have to buy options. And you don't have to take any big risks. In fact, I would argue that the "10x Project" version of McDonald's is much safer to own because, as a smaller business, a lot less can go wrong with it... And it has enough growth ahead of it to overcome the potential for an economic downturn.
 So... can you make this kind of adjustment with your own portfolio?
Of course you can. There's absolutely no reason you can't begin to invest this way, right now. You can start today.
But I'm going to go even further. I'm going to show you how – step by step – on Wednesday, February 15, at 8 p.m. Eastern time.
If you'd like to join me, simply click here. Then sign up for our "VIP Reminder" service and we'll make sure you're included.
Porter Stansberry
Editor's note: Over the past several months, Porter has been working on the "10x Project" – a way to safely return 10 times your money without touching risky options or using leverage. On Wednesday, February 15, at 8 p.m. Eastern time, Porter will reveal all the details during a special live event. Reserve your spot instantly by clicking here.

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