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Morgan – and Now Goldman – Are Finally in My China Trade

By Dr. Steve Sjuggerud
Tuesday, March 14, 2017

"Goldman Joins the China-Equity Bull Party After Missing Rally," a Bloomberg headline said yesterday...
The investing opportunity in Chinese stocks is massive today... It's so important, I launched a new product late last year called True Wealth China Opportunities to take advantage of it.
Morgan Stanley was a bit late to the party, publishing a 100-plus pager called "Why We Are Bullish on China" on February 13 of this year.
Now Goldman Sachs is the latest to get on board. Finally, the big financial firms see the opportunity we've been writing about for months.
And we have more upside ahead...
Property stocks and bank stocks are two of our "big four" themes for investing in China right now.
Now Goldman is catching on... As Bloomberg reported yesterday, "Chinese banks and property stocks are seen extending gains, with Goldman lifting them to overweight and market-weight respectively."
Meanwhile, our top-performing China-property recommendation in China Opportunities this year is up 37% year to date. (That's only 10 weeks!) And our WORST-performing China-property stock is up nearly 20% in the same time frame.
Chinese bank stocks are up year to date, too... You can see this in the performance of the Global X China Financials Fund (CHIX), which is up 13% year to date as I write.
Chinese property stocks and bank stocks have had a strong start to the year. But if you're not invested in China yet, you definitely haven't missed it!
NOBODY is invested in Chinese stocks – yet. Institutional investors are more "underweight" China today than they have been in many years. "Underweight" means they don't hold enough shares in China relative to their benchmark. They need to change that – and fast.
You need to get your money there first.
I am so excited about this, I'm taking a group of subscribers over to China in June...
Join me if you can – so you can see for yourself what the incredible opportunity is about. We will go as far north as Beijing and as far south as Hong Kong. You will get to know my best contacts in China. It is going to be fantastic. I can't wait!
If you're a subscriber and you'd like more details on the trip, e-mail my colleague Dan Ostrowski at [email protected]. You can also contact him by phone at (410) 864-1783.
Chinese stocks are still cheap – even after the recent run-up. NOBODY is invested – yet. But big money is coming, as I've explained before.
Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs are just telling their customers now... But nobody is listening yet. There's still time for big gains...
Come join me in June, and get the full story firsthand!
I hope to see you there...
Good investing,

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Steve has written about the incredible opportunity in China several times in the past year... Now, the big financial firms are starting to get on board. Catch up on his bullish argument here...

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