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These Energy Stocks Are Paying Double-Digit Dividends

By Tom Dyson, publisher, The Palm Beach Letter
Monday, June 2, 2008

Last week I tried to open a savings account for my son. The credit union offered me a 1% interest rate...

If I had given my money to the credit union, I would have guaranteed my son a 5% annual loss. That's because, by my best guess, the prices of the goods and services I use are rising about 6% a year.

I would have had the same problem if I'd lent my money to the Federal government... or a local corporation. The government pays 4.5% on a 30-year loan. Corporate bonds might pay 5% if they're safe. You'd be insane to make these loans. You're asking for a guaranteed loss on your money.

Economists would say we're in a "period of easy money." In an easy-money period, it doesn't matter who you lend to... You're going to get a bad deal on the interest rate. Think of it this way: Easy money is a transfer of wealth from savers to borrowers.

I write a letter dedicated to finding high-income streams. It's called The 12% Letter... And it aims to generate high yields for my subscribers. You'd think I'd be having a hard time finding high yields in this easy-money environment. But here's the thing...

About six months ago, I discovered a small group of energy stocks with very high dividends. With the huge run-up in oil prices, these energy stocks are now paying enormous dividends to my 12% Letter readers. In one case, my readers are getting a 13% dividend yield on their purchase price and they're up 65% in the stock. So far I've picked five stocks...


Current Yield

Total Return to Readers

High-Yield Oil Stock #1



High-Yield Oil Stock #2



High-Yield Oil Stock #3



High-Yield Oil Stock #4



High-Yield Oil Stock #5



Even if the oil price starts falling tomorrow, these stocks will keep rising for many months... And they'll continue to pay huge dividends...

We bought the companies that supply natural gas to the big oil companies in the Athabasca oil sand deposit. These big Athabasca oil companies need large quantities of natural gas to separate the oil from the dirt. And because taking oil from the dirt is so profitable in Athabasca, they'll pay any price to my energy companies.

You see, when a major oil company develops a project in Athabasca, it spends lots of capital upfront... billions... to get its refinery equipment in place. After that, it spends almost nothing while the revenues pour in. It's like a hydroelectric dam. The costs come upfront... all the revenues come behind. 

Think about the Miami condo market. If you took a flight over Miami right now, you'd see dozens of construction cranes working on new condo towers... even though the Miami condo market must be one of the most depressed real estate markets in the world.

Why would these construction companies keep building condos when the market is so weak? Because condo projects have large upfront construction costs and low continuing costs. It's cheaper for them to finish their projects than it is to abandon them.

I call these companies "backdoor plays" on the energy boom, and I urge you to check them out. There's simply no better place to be to earn big dividends in this easy-money environment.Bottom line is, even if oil prices fall, all the big oil companies are still going to complete the projects they started in Athabasca. It's cheaper to continue mining than it is to abandon the fields. And they'll still need the natural gas that these five companies provide.

Good investing,


Market Notes

Sadia (SDA)... Brazilian meat
Aracruz Cellulose (ARA)... Brazilian pulp
Joy Global (JOYG)... heavy equipment
Bucyrus (BUCY)... heavy equipment
Potlatch (PCH)... timberland
Cleveland Cliffs (CLF)... iron ore
General Mills (GIS)... food
Clayton Williams (CWEI)... oil & gas
Brigham Exploration (BEXP)... oil & gas
Concho Resources (CXO)... oil & gas
W&T Offshore (WTI)... oil & gas
San Juan Basin (SJT)... natural gas trust
Gulfmark Offshore (GLF)... oil services
Weatherford Intl (WFT)... oil services
Sabine Royalty (SBR)... oil & gas trust
Western Digital (WDC)... hard drives


AIG (AIG)... insurance
Wachovia (WB)... bank
Barclays (BCS)... bank
JetBlue (JBLU)... airline
Tata Motors (TTM)... Indian automaker
Washington Post (WPO)... newspapers
General Electric (GE)... conglomerate
General Motors (GM)... going bankrupt
MarineMax (HZO)... boats
Brunswick (BC)... boats
Taser Intl (TASR)... stun guns
Pfizer (PFE)... Big Pharma
Apex Silver (SIL)... silver mining

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