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It's hard to say exactly how much we're saving. But given the low price of labor and materials, I bet we're getting at least a 30% discount.
DailyWealth | January 5, 2010
DailyWealth | January 2, 2010
Natural gas power is now the cheapest, cleanest major power source in America. All over the country, utility executives are looking at natural gas and wondering how they can introduce more of it into their power portfolios. That’s good news for income investors...

DailyWealth | December 28, 2009
It happened in America before the Great Depression. Architects unveiled two awesome new skyscrapers – the Chrysler Building and the Empire State Building – just as the worst bear market in America's history was getting started.
DailyWealth | December 15, 2009
The surest way for you to make a quick buck in the stock market is to bet against the crowd at extremes. When you see traders all piling onto the long side of the market, and ignoring the short side, you know betting on the short side is more likely to show the profit. This is called contrarian trading.
DailyWealth | December 14, 2009
"The S&P 500 is priced to deliver one of the weakest 10-year total returns in history except for the (ultimately disappointing) period since the mid-1990s."
DailyWealth | December 8, 2009
Jason has created hundreds of sentiment gauges for the stock, bond, commodity, and currency markets. These sentiment gauges give signals when investors are all on the same side of the trade. Right now, two of Jason's stock market sentiment gauges are flashing...
DailyWealth | December 7, 2009
Insurance is a great business... especially when you're entering the sweet spot in the cycle. But there's another reason for investing in insurance companies right now...
DailyWealth | December 1, 2009
Covered call income is unique in the world of finance. It's the only way I know to earn a high yield, without taking a flyer on some issuer's ability to pay you back.
DailyWealth | November 30, 2009
Recently, I heard Doug Casey describe the performance of one of Rick's private partnerships. Doug said the fund paid him a 100% dividend for nine or 10 years in a row... and then the final check was for 10 times his money.

DailyWealth | November 24, 2009